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Authorization server as a service

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What is it?

SSQ signon allows programmers to easily secure access to your apps.

It protects all the apps in your ecosystem with Single Sign On.

Can be used with any technology (requires only HTTPS).

How it works?

1. Swap the user's credentials for an Access Token.

2. Use the Access Tokens to protect the data on your server.

3. Integrate with your users database.

4. If needed, log your other apps in with Single Sign On.

Unique features

  • Build Single Sign On with your own, custom master app, hosted on your premises and your domain.
  • Create a dummy users endpoint, so developers don't have to work with your production users database.
  • Cookies are not required at any stage of the authorization process.
  • Works with any database, or anything that can serve a set of users.
  • No need to adapt your solution. SSQ signon will adapt to it instead.

Why SSQ signon?

  • Build software that's safe, easily. Out of the box your software gets authentication and authorization of humans and machines alike, permission levels, OAuth 2.0, Single Sign On, Sign in with social media of your choice and more.
  • Prototype & deploy core features first. Save the common ones like registration, account management, role management, permission management etc. for later. SSQ signon makes your project truly lean.
  • Build software that's unique. SSQ signon is more of an Engine as a Service than Software as a Service. You do not need to adapt or constrain your software to match it's design. Instead, with minimum effort, your developers will adapt SSQ signon to your needs.